Frequently Asked Questions

To assist you in this process, listed below are frequently asked questions about the Violation of Notice.
  • Did a real law enforcement officer observe my violation?

    Yes. The law enforcement officer witnessed the speed violation. This is not an automated speed photo enforcement violation.

  • Will I receive a Notice of Violation if I am traveling 1 or miles an hour over the posted speed limit?

    No. The law enforcement official set a minimum threshold for speeding violations as per the agency policy.

  • What is the fine associated with my Notice of Violation?

    The fine amount is located on your Notice of Violation. Please remember, failure to act in a timely manner as described on your notice may cause you to incur additional costs.

  • Where do I pay my fine?

    Payment for your Notice of Violation can be made at this website. Choose the Pay option, located at the top right of this page. If you would like to mail in your payment, please complete the Payment coupon, located at the bottom of your notice. We have included an envelope with your original Notice of Violation and Options Page.

  • Can I request a Hearing for this Notice of Violation?

    Yes. To request a hearing, you must complete the Hearing Request Form (prior to the Due Date), originally mailed with your Notice of Violation. If you do not have this form, please contact the agency issuing your Notice of Violation for a copy.

  • What if I was not the driver of the vehicle identified on the Notice of Violation?

    The law provides that the registered owner must provide a signed TRANSFER OF LIABILITY that states they were not operating the vehicle at the time of the violation and provide collaborating evidence such as the name and address of the person who was driving at the time of the violation. A Transfer of Liability is included in your original Notice of Violation correspondence.