You Have Options

You have THREE options to assist in the disposition of your Notice of Violation.
  • Pay your Notice of Violation. This can be completed by Mail or by selecting the "Pay Your Notice" button on this site
  • Request a Hearing. To request a hearing, you will complete the Request a Hearing portion of the Option Page, sent with your original Notice of Violation. You will receive Hearing Notification information by mail.
  • Transfer of Liability. If you were not driving the vehicle identified on the Notice of Violation (whether because the vehicle was borrowed or stolen at the time of the violation), please complete the Transfer of Liability section of the Option Page that was sent with your original Notice of Violation correspondence.

This violation is deemed a non-criminal violation for which a civil penalty is assessed. Your failure to contest this Notice of Violation in the manner and time as instructed, before the due date shown on the Notice of Violation, shall be an admission of liability and a default judgement may be entered thereon. In addition, your failure to pay this Notice of Violation, before the due date shown on the Notice of the Violation, will result in the imposition and an additional late fee.

If you would like to contest your Notice of Violation, you must complete the necessary steps identified on the reverse of your Notice of Violation. If after review, you want to present your case in front of the presiding judge, a hearing will be scheduled. If you are found liable in the court, you will be required to pay an additional court cost and litigation tax in addition to the original fine amount.